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Sakura knives are forged out of VG-10 Carbon Steel.
Each blade has 67 layers of Damascus Steel, giving them extreme strength and
the perfect touch of flexibility necessary for making them the best Japanese chef knives available today.

Sakura 8" Chef Knife
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Extreme Sakura 8"
Chef Knife
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Sakura Extreme +
Steel Sharpening Rod
Limited time offer
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Sakura Sharpening
Steel Rod
Regular price: 49.95$
Sale Price: 29.95 + 4.75$ (shipping charges)

Combination Whetstone
320/1000 Grit
Regular Price: 49$
Price: 37.95$ + 8.25$ (Shipping Charges)
You save 12$

*** Special Promotion ***
Sakura Chef Knife + Whetstone Promotion
Sakura 8" Chef Knife
+ 320/1000 Combination Whetstone
Regular Price: 155.20$ Including Shipping
Promotional Price:  145$  + Free Shipping
You Save 10$

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Sakura Chef Knife Lifetime Warranty         30 days money back guarantee       100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Lifetime Warranty          30 Days Money         100% Satisfaction
Back Guaranteed

* Free Shipping Worldwide on all orders over 60$ *

               Sakura 8" Chef Knife.   Sakura Extreme 8" Chef Knife Limited Edition.      

After the purchase has been made you will be redirected
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   Thank you very much.
   I got the Knife today.

   Believe me I have been in the
   hotel industry for the last 30
   years in four continents and am
   an expert in this field.

   During my career I have held and
   worked with superb knives
   manufactured by companies in
   Germany, UK, etc.

   But Believe me when I held my
   Sakura chef’s knife in my hand
   I was amazed at what you have

   Absolutely stunning and sharp ,
   well balanced and cuts like a razor
   blade, I have never experienced
   it before.

   I am also sure I will enjoy it for
   many years to come as it is a
   life time purchase and am
   certainly going to show it off in
   my circles.

   Thank you very much again
   my friend.

   Hope fully may be I will order
   some more soon.

   Warm regards


   Najeeb Khan
Group Executive Advisor


Life Time Warranty

  When you purchase your Sakura
  8" Chef Knife, you do not only get
  the best available cooking knife
  for your kitchen.

You also get a
  Lifetime Warranty.

   You are in fact joining thousands
   of other happy Sakura Knife
   owners who already have, and
   will have the most amazing
   knife for life.

   When you receive your knife, you
   also get a Lifetime Warranty,
   stating that anytime, it can be in
   5 years, 10 years, or even
   30 years, your knife breaks,
   or gets damaged,
   you will get a brand new
   Sakura Knife instead.

Sakura Chef Knife Lifetime Warrantee.

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