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Differences between American, European and
Japanese Chef Knife Blades.

There are several well know companies which produce kitchen knives,
and specifically Chef Knives.

There is a big difference in the materials used and the way the blade is made.

Learn about the difference between production and types of knives.

European Chef Knife Brands:

  • F. Dick

  • J. A. Henkels

  • Wusthof Dreizak

  • Sabatier

  • Victorinox

Sabatier Chef Knife Set
Sabatier Knife Set

American Chef Knife Brands:

  • Cuisinart

  • Cutco

  • Ginsu

  • KitchenAid

  • Spyderco

Cuisinart Santoku Knife
Cuisinart Santoku Knife

And probably the better and certainly the later exposed
Japanese Chef Knife Brands:

  • Global

  • Kyocera

  • Sakura

  • Kershaw

Sakura 8" Chef Knife
Sakura 8" Chef Knife

The different brands were tested and sharpened and tested
again and the conclusion that most chefs have come to:

"European Chef Knives are very easy to use. They are made
of softer metals, they are lighter on the hand and are generally
very comfortable.
The only problem is that they lose their sharpness quickly."

"American Brand Chef Knives are somewhat harder to use.
They use harder metal alloys but they stay sharp for a long time."

"By far, the best chef knives are Japanese Forged Chef Knives.
They are made of very hard metal alloys, but since they are forged
and folded, that makes them very sturdy and flexible, and the best
thing is that they will keep a sharp edge for a long time."



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Thank you very much.
I got the Knife today.

Believe me I have been in the hotel industry for the last 30 years in four continents and am
an expert in this field.

During my career I have held and worked with superb knives manufactured by companies in Germany, UK, etc.

But Believe me when I held my Sakura chef’s knife in my hand I was amazed at what you have manufactured.

Absolutely stunning and sharp , well balanced and cuts like a razor blade, I have never
experienced it before.

I am also sure I will enjoy it for many years to come as it is a life time purchase and am
certainly going to show it off in my circles.

Thank you very much again my friend.

Hope fully may be I will order some more soon.

Warm regards


Najeeb Khan
Group Executive Advisor








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