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Sakura Chef Knife Extreme Edition.

For a limited time only, and only 20 available for sale.

We bring to you the Sakura 8" Chef Knife Extreme Edition.

The new Sakura Extreme 8" Chef Knife Limited Edition.

This perfect combination of European and traditional Japanese style chef knife,
gives you the best of both worlds.

The perfect extremely sharp blade, made with the same VG-10 Carbon Steel.

A completely new handle, made of Micarta. A fiber and resin compound that
makes the grip more comfortable than ever and dishwasher safe.

The new Micarta handle for better grip.

The bolster is gone, giving the new Extreme Sakura 8" Chef Knife easier grip on
the blade using the thumb and index finger.

Japanese style chef knife with no bolster.


Always look for the Sakura Japan Logo.

This shape has been used in traditional Japanese knives throughout the history of
Japanese cooking.

Sakura Extreme chef knife with the Steel Sharpening Rod.
Sakura 8" Chef Knife with the Sakura Steel Sharpening Rod.

Sakura Extreme 8" Chef Knife in Gift Box.
Sakura Extreme 8" Chef Knife in Gift Box.


Order your New Sakura Extreme 8" Chef Knife Limited Edition
for only 169$ now including Free Shipping.

Or get the Sakura Exclusive Offer:
Sakura Extreme 8" Chef Knife + Steel Rod Sharpener for only 189$
instead of 199$ including Free Shipping.


* Sakura knives are made in Japan.
* Blade material is VG-10.
* Each blade is forged and folded 67 times for amazing strength and flexibility.
* Each knife comes with a Lifetime Warranty.
* For more information, please see Terms & Conditions.
* Copyright
© Sakura International 2001-2009

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