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Question: I am looking for the best chef knife as a gift for my husband.
What if he doesn't like it?
Answer:          When you buy the Sakura 8" Chef Knife, you are buying a forged Japanese chef knife with a tradition of centuries in blade making. It is the best Chef Knife you can buy today.
         You are not buying a factory line manufactured kitchen knife. The blade is hand made with the best Japanese tradition, so you can be sure you are not only buying a very good chef knife for your kitchen, you are buying a piece of history.
Question: What is your return policy?
Answer:          I am so sure that this is the best chef knife you can get, that I am giving a 30 Days, no questions asked, money back guarantee.
         If for any reason you want to return your Sakura 8" Chef Knife, all you have to do is contact us within 30 days of receipt and you will get a refund for your money. Please see our Terns & Conditions section.
Question:          I purchased the Sakura 8" Chef Knife and I love it. Do you have an affiliate program I can get into?
Answer:          Thank you for the feedback. I have had quite a few customers asking me if they can sell the Sakura 8" Chef Knife as well.
         I am working on an affiliate site, but it will take some time. The reason is that I only sell these knives when I have them in stock, and since the Sakura chef knives are hand made, I am in contact with the manufacturer to see how many knives he can manufacture and supply for me so I do not get stuck with orders and no knives to send.
          I should get some answers soon and then get into affiliate sharing.
Question:           I bought my Sakura 8" Chef Knife 3 days ago and did not receive it yet. Why not?
Answer:           This is not an information product. This is a real Chef Knife. The shipping usually take about a week, but sometimes may take up to 14 working days to arrive. I assure you it will be worth the waiting time.
          There is an option to send the knife expedited. Please check Terms & Conditions section for more information.



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Hello all

I would like to thank you
for the knife it is wonderful

I have given your details to
my brother who lives in Melbourne and he has also placed an order.

Again thank you.

Mark Mcneill
Queensland, Australia





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