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Here you can find very useful and interesting articles and information
about the history, use, materials and types of chef knives.

How to Keep Your Chef Knife in Top Condition

       If you consider yourself a gourmet cook or if you just love your kitchen
tools and you decided to purchase a good quality chef knife, or you have
good quality kitchen knives in your kitchen, there are several things you
need to know about ho to keep your knives in top condition. 

       Good quality blades made of carbon stainless steel or other hard steel
compounds need to be maintained in order to keep their high sharpness and
flexibility for long years.

       Here are some tips and suggestions that will help you keep your
kitchen tools in good shape:

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History of the Japanese Forged Chef Knife

          Since the 13th Century, forging of the Samurai Sword, or Katana,
was one of the most noble and extinguished craftsmanship positions
available in Japan.

           Chef knives were not something that the Japanese looked into
as a form of art, or as something worth dwelling upon...

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What is a Japanese Forged Chef Knife?

           A forged Chef Knife, or a forged blade, is a blade which is made
of one piece of steel, usually Carbon Steel, which is heated up in a forge (oven),
almost to its melting point, and the beaten with a hammer to form the blade shape.

           What is so special about the Japanese Forged Chef Knife?

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What is a Damascus Forged Chef Knife?

          Damascus Forged Chef Knife, or Damascus steel used to be
forged in the middle east between 1100 to 1700AD.

          The steel - originally called Wootz steel thought to be originated in
Sri Lanka and India in the 3rd century, and then discovered to be
originated in China before the new era, about 300BC, was exported as
ingots to the middle east and formed into blades and swords.

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What is the best Handle Material for the Chef Knife?

       There are four main types of material used for Chef Knife Handles:

  • Wood

  • Plastic

  • Composite

  • Metal

Chef Knife with a Wood Handle:

       Most agree that the wood handle looks best on a chef knife.
There are several considerations when getting a chef knife
with a wood handle.

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Differences between American, European and Japanese
Chef Knife Blades.

         There are several well know companies which produce kitchen knives,
and specifically Chef Knives.

          There is a big difference in the materials used and the way the
blade is made.

          Learn about the difference between production and types of knives.

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Two Types of Chef Knives - German and French

       The Chef Knife is the most used knife in any kitchen. Being a
professional or well equipped home kitchen.

       The chef knife can be 6 to 12 inches long and have a blade width
of 2.5 mm at least.

       Although it may be a bit scary for a new cook to use a chef knife,
it is highly recommended to get used to it.

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What Does Balance Add to a Chef Knife?

You read a lot about the Balance of a chef knife.

Have you ever wondered what it means?

Why would you need to check the balance of the chef knife before you buy it?

What actually helps the balance or makes your knife unbalanced?

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Chef Knife Sharpening Tools – Part I

This is a four part guide to sharpening knives.

       There are several tools used to sharpen a chef knife.

       They are all used in a sequence that when the whole sharpening
process is complete, and if done correctly, the blade of your knife is
as sharp as a razor blade.

        The tools include Whetstones of different grits, a steel rod sharpener
and optionally a leather strap.

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Part II - The Whetstone

Part III - The Steel Rod Sharpener

Part IV - The Leather Strap and Sharpening Tips


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I am the head chef at Barbie's Bar-B-Q in Timmins, Ontario.

Got this knife for my kitchen at home.

After using it for a while, I bought one for each of my sues-chefs
at the restaurant.

They are very happy.
Great knife.

Very recommended.

Richie Mann






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