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Sakura 8" Chef Knife Lifetime Warrantee

When you order the Sakura 8" Chef knife, you are not only getting the best chef knife available today for your kitchen, you are also getting a "Knife for Life".

We are so sure that this is the best Chef Knife you can get, with the Best Blade available on the market today, that when you order your Sakura 8" Chef Knife, you get a Life Time Warrantee.

If anything ever happens to our new knife, no matter what, we will replace it with a new one.

All you have to do is return the knife to us for inspection, and we will replace it for you, no charge.


  • Replacement of the Sakura 8" Chef knife does not include blunt knives.
    Any knife needs to be sharpened every once in a while.

  • If you have broken the blade by misuse - like using it as a screwdriver.

  • General misuse of the knife:

    • The Sakura knife is a kitchen chef knife. It is intended for use in the kitchen, and for cooking use.

    • The knife is not intended for use as a power tool, or for use other than cooking.

    Lifetime Warranty eplained.
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Sakura Strives:

Sakura Japan strives to bring you the best quality kitchen tools for the best prices possible.

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I got this beautiful knife as a gift from my wife.
I've always wanted a real Chef's Knife, but since the
prices were always a bit more than I could afford,
I have always delayed the purchase.
I cannot tell you how happy I was when my wife
gave me the knife as a birthday gift.
I use it all the time, it stays sharp, and it cuts through anything.
Really amazing.
Only when Gwen (my wife) told me how much it cost her,
I understood what a bargain it is.
Thanks a lot.

Stan Walters,
San Diego, CA





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