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What is a Damascus Forged Chef Knife?

       Damascus Forged Chef Knife, or Damascus steel used to
be forged in the middle east between 1100 to 1700AD.

       The steel - originally called Wootz steel thought to be originated
in Sri Lanka and India in the 3rd century, and then discovered to be
originated in China before the new era, about 300BC, was exported
as ingots to the middle east and formed into blades and swords.

       The Damascus Steel Swords were known to be tougher and
sharper than European steel swords and would cut through the
European metal swords in battle.

       The technique used to create Damascus Steel was lost in the
17th century and the exact recipe of the iron ingots used to forge
the historical knives is unknown.

       Today the term Damascus is used for blades with a visible grain
pattern. It is a blade formed of Steel and Iron (and other elements as
Chromium and Vanadium and so on...), forged and folded and the steel
is grinded and polished specifically to expose the layers of Iron in
the steel blade.

Damascus exposed layer pattern on a Japanese Chef Knife.    
You can see the Damascus Layers exposed on the Chef Knife Blade.




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I am the head chef at Barbie's Bar-B-Q in Timmins, Ontario.

Got this knife for my kitchen at home.

After using it for a while, I bought one for each of my sues-chefs
at the restaurant.

They are very happy.
Great knife.

Very recommended.

Richie Mann






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