What to Look For In the Best Survival Knives


The best survival knives are extremely important when you become involved with outdoor activities. You not only require a survival knife to help cut tree branches but potentially help keep you safe too from wild animals. However, do you know what you should look for in a survival knife? No, well read on and you might find a few interesting points to consider.

Fixed Blades Are Better For Outdoor Adventures

Retractable and folding blades may look quite fancy and very appealing but they don’t always provide you with the best quality. Thousands choose the retractable blade because they think it looks better but in reality the fixed blades are more reliable. There may not seem a lot of differences between the two and there isn’t apart from one or two minor matters. However, fixed blades are the knives you want to choose. Survival knives come in all shapes, sizes and forms and you may be best choosing one which is fixed.

The Perfect Size

Survival knives aren’t supposed to be too big and nor are they supposed to be too small; ideally, they need to be suitable for basic survival tasks. A survival knife should be large enough to help create a snare for an animal but small enough to deal with minor medical emergencies also. It is really hard to pinpoint an appropriate size for a knife because everyone has their own opinions; however, you need to give a lot of thought over what is practical. Is it really practical to have a survival knife over thirteen inches? Maybe not and again, a survival knife which is less than five inches might not be effective either. You have to really think about what is best.

Full Metal Blades Are More Stronger

The best survival knives made with one continuous metal will be better. There are many different types of knives out there; some come with half metal blades and others with full. However, you may want to consider the knives which have metal throughout, even with the handle. This will be much more effective for you.

The Cost

You may want the best but that doesn’t mean to say you have to pay out a fortune. The cost for a survival knife needs to be taken into consideration. However the good news is that there are hundreds of survival knives which are reliable and doesn’t cost a great deal either. These are the weapons you want when you are going outdoors.

Finding the Best Is Simple

When it comes to finding the best survival knife, it can be pretty easy even if you have little experience. Once you know a few factors to look out for, everything is made much easier for everyone involved. You have a huge choice to deal with which can seem overwhelming at first but actually once you cut through all the rubbish and get down to business, you will find making a decision to be relatively simple. The best survival knives are out there and you don’t need to spend a great deal of time searching either. Check here :http://rankerreview.com/

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