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Sakura Steel Rod Sharpener in Gift Box

A chef knife or a knife set is incomplete without a sharpening steel rod.

Any and all blades will dull with regular use.

To keep your knife's edge you need a good steel rod to maintain it's sharpness.

A good sharpening steel rod will help you maintain your chef knife in good condition and safer for use.

Follow this link to learn how to use a sharpening steel rod.

Sakura sharpening steel rod in Gift Box.
Sakura Steel Sharpening Rod in Gift Box.

Sakura Stell Rod Sharpener.
The Sakura Steel Rod Sharpener.

Steel Rod close up.
Close up picture of the steel. Parallel lines of extremely durable steel.

A steel plate between the Rod and handle to protect your fingers.
Steel plate to protect your hands.

The prfect companion to any chef knife.
The Sakura extreme 8" Chef Knife with the Sakura Steel Rod Sharpener.

Order your New Sakura Steel Rod Sharpener
for only 29.95$ + only 4.75$ for shipping.

* Each Sharpening Rod comes with a Lifetime Warranty.
* For more information, please see Terms & Conditions.
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