What Are Power Banks?

As we become more attached to our phones, the need for portable power banks has increased. A power bank does exactly what the name implies; it is a box that can charge your phone or other mobile device. It is a bank of power that you can take with you wherever you go. You can use your mobile device as much as you want to, without worrying about your battery dying. However, if you are going to buy one, there are several things that you need to know before you decide which one to buy.


One of the biggest safety risks that have come up with portable power banks is that they tend to heat up, and can get to dangerous levels. You can even burn yourself with some of the poorer quality products. However, not every product is going to have this kind of issue. The best portable power banks are going to have technology which prevents them from heating up, no matter how often you use them. One of the best ways to determine whether or not a power bank will heat up is to read other customers reviews online.


Charging Power

Because the main purpose of the portable power bank is to charge your phone, you are going to want a product that has enough charging power for your needs. The average phone needs about 1,440 mAh, while the average tablet needs 8,000 mAh. If you are going to want to charge your tablet a lot with your power bank, you are going to want a more powerful version. If you are going to mostly use it for your phone, you will want one with at least 2,200 mAh power. The power bank that you get will depend on what kind of charging needs you have. Click here!

Multiple Ports

Many of the first generations of charging power banks had only one port. This meant that you could only charge one device at a time, which may be fine for some people, but most people have greater demands of their power banks. The best portable power banks will have more ports, and typically will have different kinds of plug-in. This means that no matter what kind of mobile device you have, the power bank should have the correct charging port for you. For those who have a mixture of brands, this is an important feature.


When you buy a portable power bank, you want to get the most out of your purchase. Anyone will want a power bank that is safe to use in the short term and the long term, as well having adequate charging capabilities. Finally, you want your power bank to be able to work with as many different kinds of devices as you can. Before you make any purchase, you should do your research on the potential power banks. If you follow these tips, you can find the best portable power bank for you. Find out more in this site : http://rankerreview.com/


The best survival knives are extremely important when you become involved with outdoor activities. You not only require a survival knife to help cut tree branches but potentially help keep you safe too from wild animals. However, do you know what you should look for in a survival knife? No, well read on and you might find a few interesting points to consider.

Fixed Blades Are Better For Outdoor Adventures

Retractable and folding blades may look quite fancy and very appealing but they don’t always provide you with the best quality. Thousands choose the retractable blade because they think it looks better but in reality the fixed blades are more reliable. There may not seem a lot of differences between the two and there isn’t apart from one or two minor matters. However, fixed blades are the knives you want to choose. Survival knives come in all shapes, sizes and forms and you may be best choosing one which is fixed.

The Perfect Size

Survival knives aren’t supposed to be too big and nor are they supposed to be too small; ideally, they need to be suitable for basic survival tasks. A survival knife should be large enough to help create a snare for an animal but small enough to deal with minor medical emergencies also. It is really hard to pinpoint an appropriate size for a knife because everyone has their own opinions; however, you need to give a lot of thought over what is practical. Is it really practical to have a survival knife over thirteen inches? Maybe not and again, a survival knife which is less than five inches might not be effective either. You have to really think about what is best.

Full Metal Blades Are More Stronger

The best survival knives made with one continuous metal will be better. There are many different types of knives out there; some come with half metal blades and others with full. However, you may want to consider the knives which have metal throughout, even with the handle. This will be much more effective for you.

The Cost

You may want the best but that doesn’t mean to say you have to pay out a fortune. The cost for a survival knife needs to be taken into consideration. However the good news is that there are hundreds of survival knives which are reliable and doesn’t cost a great deal either. These are the weapons you want when you are going outdoors.

Finding the Best Is Simple

When it comes to finding the best survival knife, it can be pretty easy even if you have little experience. Once you know a few factors to look out for, everything is made much easier for everyone involved. You have a huge choice to deal with which can seem overwhelming at first but actually once you cut through all the rubbish and get down to business, you will find making a decision to be relatively simple. The best survival knives are out there and you don’t need to spend a great deal of time searching either. Check here :http://rankerreview.com/

If you've been looking for the best portable power bank reviews, you'll be happy to know we have all the information you need.

What is the best portable power bank?

In a world increasingly driven by technology, easy access to extra smart phone power as and when you need it is critical. You could be stuck in a blackout, or need the GPS on your device urgently to help you find your way. While standard power banks can be great in an urban environment, if you can't get access to a charging point they're just a useless hunk of junk for you to carry around. The best portable power banks incorporate the ability to charge from sunlight into the battery pack, allowing you to still charge your devices even on camping trips and other out-of-the-way locales. They can be an invaluable investment in safety and comfort. Do be aware that the solar recharge function is usually built in to be secondary to a normal charging function, not to be used as the primary function.

Universal 10000mAh Portable Dual USB External Solar Power Bank

This dull named but vital piece of equipment ships with multiple charge heads, is compact and simple to carry. If you need quick operation, this is the best portable power bank for you. Press one button, and you're charging. When you first purchase this device, be aware it will need to be cycled three times from AC power before being charged via its solar function. This is fairly standard for all batteries, however. It comes with overcharge protection.

Cobra CPP 300

If you need a compact solution, this is the best solar portable bank for you. When unfolded, it offers 2 solar panels for charging as well as a plethora of charging options while folding to a compact size for easy portability.

Levin™ Solstar Solar Panel Charger 6000mAh

This is simply the best portable power bank with weather protection out there. Its solar function is only designed for emergencies, with the unit meaning to be recharged from the wall, but it is fully rain resistant and can't be damaged by the elements. It also offers efficient shock proofing to guard against drops. It’s easy to attach to a backpack, and even comes with an anti-explosion battery.

Poweradd 8000mAh

This is the best choice for you if you’re looking for a daily power bank you can use with AC electricity, but that will also charge from the sun in an emergency. It’s small, meaning the solar panel will take quite a while to charge a battery by itself, but it’s great to have in an emergency. It’s suitable for 2 cell phones or a basic tablet before fully discharging.

ALLPOWERS 10000mAh Solar Panel Charger with iSolar Technology

When it comes to sheer sales volume, this is the best solar portable bank as voted by amazon customers. It has short circuit protection, and uses an iSolar chip for greatest efficiency.

Overall, finding the best portable power bank is simple with these trusted brands.

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When people search for the best survival knives, they don’t realize how useful a hunting knife can be. Of course, most people think a hunting knife can only be good for hunting when in reality that isn’t the case.learn more here!

Any hunting knife can be used as a survival tool and let’s be honest, that is what they were first used for. Years ago, and even still today, people used hunting knives to hunt and kill animals for food, skin the animals to keep them warm and even offer a protection tool or weapon against enemies. Hunting knives can act as the best survival knife.

Decades Old

Let’s be honest, hunting knives have always been around, they have been around since the very beginning of time and even though they weren’t as sophisticated as they are today, they were still as powerful.

They were used for everyday hunting and protection and even though today, they aren’t used in everyday life, they are used in survival weekends and camping experiences. In many cases, people find themselves in danger often look at these as protection in the wilderness and in the great outdoors. That is why more people are searching for the best survival knives review to find out which is the best to opt for.

A Brief History

Hunting knives were originally made from simply materials such as stone, wood and even bone but they could be just as deadly and dangerous as hunting knives made from solid steel today. However, stone and bone became less of a building tool when iron was found and as the years have passed, so has the way the hunting knife has been created. Today, some of the best survival knives and hunting knives are very strong, durable and deadly.

The Uses of Knives

Most civilized human beings use hunting knives for simply things such as helping to clear a trial through dense or thick forest areas as well as help set up a small campfire. Knives do have their uses and can even help to create shelter because they can break wood and be used as a killing tool when it comes to animals. Of course, in most cases, the best survival knives aren’t going to be needed for killing animals but can still be a useful friend to have while stranded in the middle of a deserted forest.

Are Hunting And The Best Survival Knives Necessary?

To be honest, in everyday situations, knives aren’t needed but when it comes to camping in the great outdoors or being stuck alone in the wilderness, they can be needed. Yes, survival knives aren’t needed to go to work or in normal situations but they are required for when things are bad and when you go camping and go on survival weekends. They can be useful; check out the best survival knives review to find out a little more about the knife you’re choosing.

Hunting Knives

Always Remain Safe with Knives

You already know this but it never hurts to hear it again; knives are not toys! People can be seriously hurt with any knife whether it’s a hunting knife, survival knife or even a cheese knife! They can be dangerous and they should never be used as a weapon! Before you choose a survival knife, you must be sure you are ready to use it and can use it safely. Even the best survival knives can cause harm.see updates from http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/594553/Scotland-Yard-Westminster-Parliament-Metropolitan-Police-Crimewatch-crime-London-CCTV