Getting the best survival knives can be important when it comes to camping outdoors or opting for a week-long hunting trip and no matter what you need a knife for, you want the best. Finding the best has actually become a lot simpler because there are knives for almost every situation imaginable. You can have a survival knife that will help clear away the dense jungle forest; and there are knives that will help you catch and prepare fish for dinner. However, you do need to get the best; here are just five of the best survival knives you may want to consider for your next survival adventure.

The Tom Brown Tracker

This has to be the ultimate survival knives simply because it works for everything! The blade is strong, durable and doesn’t weigh too much but still it’s powerful enough to slice through fish and prep dinner for the next few days. The knife comes with a good sized blade but it isn’t the longest out there but still, its balance is good enough. The grip is comfortable and looks impressive for those who are survival experts. The Tom Brown Tracker is one of the best survival knives available today.

The Fall-Kniven A1

Now, to be honest, when you first look at the Fall-Kniven A1, it doesn’t strike a huge bout of fear or terror in the eye because it doesn’t look dangerous. However, don’t be fooled because it is really a powerful weapon. The A1 is Swedish made and comes with VG-10 steel which makes this one of the toughest survival knives on the market today. However, this is a subtle knife but one of the best; check out the best survival knives review to find out more about the power.

The Chris Reeve Green Beret Knife

Everyone knows the Green Berets and even though this Chris Reeve Green Beret knife is a survival knife, it’s actually suitable for combat too. That might be a very scary thought to some but still; it’s one of the best survival knives available today. It’s very strong and the stainless steel blade looks good but watch it’s sharp and can do a lot of damage.

The ESEE-6

The ESEE-6 looks good and looks very subtle. Of course, you can still tell this is a knife but it doesn’t look too over the top which is always good because you don’t want something that is too stand-offish. The blade is strong but durable and can handle a lot tough jobs too. If you would like to find out more, check out the best survival knives review for more info.

Ghurkha Kukri

To be honest, this has to be one of the unique survival tools out there today because it doesn’t look like a knife in a sense but rather a mini machete. Nonetheless, the Ghurkha Kukri is still one of the best survival knives on the market today but it’s really more for dealing with thick brush or wooded areas. Its long blade looks impressive but probably not one you’ll often need when it comes to camping.continue reading from

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Get the Best for You

When it comes to finding the best survival knife, you will find there are many of them to choose from. The above are just five of the best to help guide you to what knives you might want to look for. Of course, you don’t need to choose any of the above, it’s your choice. Get the best survival knives and stay safe.