Getting the best survival knives is very important when it comes to surviving outdoors for long periods of time. However, most people don’t realize that steel is different and while all steel might appear to be the same, it isn’t. Steel is made differently from the next and when you are looking to purchase a new survival knife, you need to know what sort of steel you’re getting. Here are a few things you should know before you buy any new survival knife.

Opting For 10 Series Non Stainless Steel

One of the more popular choices for survival knives available today has to be the non stainless steel 10 series. Now, these are popular for all the right reasons and are very impressive in many ways. The series ranges from 1050 to 1095 and if the knife has a lower series number then it means the resistance is a lot better because the steel is harder. The quality within these non stainless steel numbers are great and if you’re interested, check out the best survival knives review to find out more from

The 1095 High Carbon Steel Knives

The 1095 steel looks great and isn’t too heavy to carry but it doesn’t handle rust very well. This is a major problem for this steel but that doesn’t mean to say it can’t work to your advantage. The edges are well designed and it’s quite durable and strong in many ways and has been made from Carbon Alloy as well. However, this is going to be best for those who really love to go outdoors and opt for back-to-basics camping. It is certainly one of the best survival knives to consider.

One of the Toughest Steels

A2 has to be one of the more popular choices when it comes to survival knife steels and the reason why are simply because of its strength. The steel is very, very tough in many ways and doesn’t rust or corrode easily either. You could check out the best survival knifes review and see what others are saying but it is extremely strong in many ways.see details here!

The VG-10 Steel

Some of the very best survival knives have VG-10 stainless steel within them and they are truly wonderful. Of course, the steel is strong and rust resistant which is always important. However, the durability of the knives is quite strong and impressive in many ways. Though, it does seem this type of steel is a common choice for many hunters and survival experts.

Remember To Look At the Key Factors

Survival Knife Steel

Strength, durability, weaknesses; these are all some of the most important things to look at when it comes to buying a new survival knife. You simply do not want to rely solely on its price but rather how good it can be to offer the quality you require. There are lots of survival knives out there and while it might seem impossible to choose between them, it can be a lot simpler when you know what to look out for. If in doubt, check out the best survival knives review to find out more.

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